Contact Us:
Address: NO.46, Hong Xi Road, SND, Suzhou
Tel: (0086)0512 - 62696718 - 505/300
Contact: Mrs.Zhang

Map for Route:
 Driving at the exit of Suzhou High-tech Zone → drive to the direction of Xuguan → go straight to the trestle which lead to downtown → drive on the 312 national highway to the direction of Wuxi(do not drive on the trestle, Walk along State Road 312 to the district has been elevated section (not on the elevated) to go through a traffic light below, you can see signs Hongxi.
 Enter Hongxi Road, has been walking along the road, over two traffic lights (Hong Xi Road) to arrive after Chang Xing Technology → pass a cross road and then you will see FBT Suzhou .