Suzhou Fine Blanking & Tool Co., Ltd (FBT Suzhou for short), is located in the No.46, Hong Xi Road , SND, Suzhou. Completely invested by its parent Company, Taiwan Fine Blanking & Tool Co., Ltd (FBT Taiwan for short), FBT Suzhou now has been set up with 1 st capital over 29 Million USD. FBT Suzhou focuses on parts and components for automobile and motorcycle like FBT Taiwan, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of automotive parts & components in Taiwan .

        With faith and principle of making the best automobiles as well as motorcycles over the world, FBT Suzhou also endeavors to continuously raise its mechanism technology level and to cultivate professional and high-rank staff. Therefore, FBT Suzhou has honor for its independent ability in research and development from Zero to Something in real. For parts from seat recliner to as far as brake disk, FBT Suzhou has been sincerely serving our customers with our best design, quality and production process, in hopes of gaining our customers' satisfaction with us and our products.

        In future, FBT Suzhou will spare no efforts to research and develop high-precision parts and subassemblies. We believe, with our professional science and technology as well as our collective striving for further R&D, we will move forward with better production flow chart, more reasonable cost distribution and more and more share in market.

Name: Suzhou Fine Blanking & Tool Co., Ltd
Address: No.46, Hong Xi Road , SND, Suzhou
Legal Representative: Mr. Wu Zongming
Vice-General Manager: Mr. Liu Yao
Date of Foundation August, 2006
Capital: $ 12 ,000,000